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Hi! I'm Floyd Phillips, and I'm passionate about helping others succeed. As the manager of an IT Engineering team and a leadership coach, it is my responsibility to unlock the potential in people to maximize their performance. Over the past five years, my focus has been on performance coaching and career growth.


My overall strategy for increasing organizational performance is “Don’t push on the reinforcing (growth) process, instead remove (or weaken) the source of the limitation.”  This is better known in Systems Thinking as the Limits to Growth archetype in Peter Senge’s book The Fifth Discipline.


In layperson terms, stop constructing new productivity and engagement processes and start figuring out how to remove the behaviors currently holding your team back from growth and development (Performance Blockers!)

Raleigh, NC is where I call home - you can find me floating on the water at a local Raleigh lake (Falls, Jordan, or Harris) or inshore fishing near the coast or in an inlet.


I publish short leadership videos and messages throughout the week (which you can follow on my LinkedIn). These have received many positive comments from fellow professionals. I hope you enjoy them.

Let’s start a conversation…send an email to FloydAPhillips@gmail.com or use the contact form at the bottom of this page. I will set up a 30-minute call to learn more about how I can help you remove the performance blockers currently holding your team back from natural growth and development.


Check out my LinkedIn page for a full career profile.

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Floyd Phillips’ leadership has generated an excitement within our team unlike most other organizations.   There is a general enthusiasm to lead and seek infinite growth. I am loving what I do.  My team members are more harmonious.  Our work is done with precision, shared accountability, and pride.  Floyd’s leaders cannot wait to share new books or videos.  I feel so optimistic about my next step leader, as a result of being a part of Floyd’s program for success.

- Kim Keller
PMO Manager

Floyd has helped me so much in my personal and career development. From guiding me through emotional intelligence and helping me push myself to participate in a more leadership roles/activities such as Ted Talks, forums, and sharing my experience. He is extremely motivated and supportive in all of our coaching sessions.

- Kaitlin Zarcone
IT Agilest

Floyd is a great manager and leadership coach. He has helped me develop my leadership skills as well as supporting my autonomy to do my job. He is supportive and always has my back. While reporting to Floyd, I have been given several leadership opportunities to take my career to the next level.

- Cindy Goforth
Project Manager


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