My Approach


Start with an  Assessment of Perspective

Taking control of your perspective will make you much more likely to succeed

Think back to the last time you said “I think I can’t do __"...

Would you have a different perspective if you converted your thought to the affirmative – “I think I can’t do _______ , YET and I can, with a successful plan”

Deliberate Practice

What are you doing to intentionally reach your goals?

Deliberate Practice is not about the amount of time we spend practicing… it is about how we practice…

When we think about practicing a specific skill, what makes the practice effective?

Effective practice is consistent, intensely focused and targets content or weaknesses that lie on the edge of our current ability. While regular practice might include mindless repetitions, deliberate practice requires focused attention and is conducted with the specific goal of improving performance.

I will coach you on what and how to deliberately practice in the direction of your goals.


What are your leaders and team members saying about your performance?

The approach I use will enable you to connect with other people instead of putting them into a state of protection.


When it comes to receiving and providing feedback, your words matter.  A negative tone will trigger an emotional response in most people.  I will coach you on using the right engaging words to effectively respond to feedback and grow positive work relationships.

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