We define a coachable development plan that is uniquely aligned with the organization’s specific performance requirements and spoken in a “language of observables” – key behaviors that managers can spot and describe.

Comprehensive Development Plan and Coaching

  1. Mission Critical – What behaviors are most useful in supporting successful performance

  2. What behavior(s) are causing noise for you

  3. Reinforce the best green/high: and make it a “thing” or brand (good to great)

  4. What behaviors you might do too much of – manage the impact

  5. “What do I need to start doing/What do I need to stop doing” protocol designed for coaches to be able to more directly help

  6. Developmental Difficulty – how hard is it to acquire a behavior in a typical experience

  7. What Assignments “teach” the lessons of experience for specific behaviors (70-20-10 rule)

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